Dr. Peter Anderson Speaks: FPM Article Reports Long-term Benefits of the Family Team Care Model

Dr. Kevin Hopkins of the Cleveland Clinic describes the revolutionary results he achieved by following our clinical model…

“I realized that I was going to need some help if I wanted to practice medicine for the next 30 years….I was inspired by… Dr. Peter Anderson, who had implemented a new type of practice in Newport News, Virginia, and achieved dramatic improvements in key metrics….This high-efficiency alternative to the traditional medical practice model is designed to reduce patient waiting times and increase quality of care, accessibility, and the satisfaction of physicians, clinical employees, and patients….I quickly became convinced that this was how primary care, and primary care physicians, could survive.

The article goes on to quantify the impressive improvements in operating profit and patient access he attained.

I am so gratified to see Kevin’s success.  To his great credit, he was self-aware enough to recognize his need for help and strong enough to follow through on the needed changes.

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