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What is Needed for the Patient Centered Medical Home to Reach its Full Potential?

As we work with practices in how to effectively adopt a team care approach to primary care medicine, one of the essential building blocks for patient-centered care, we sometimes see administrators, practice managers, physicians and other staff who believe in the value of the medical home model and even imagine themselves to already be there or at least on the outskirts. In reality, they remain tied to the physician-centric approach of a traditional practice.

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Is Care Coordination the Future of Primary Care Medicine?

As the team care model and its focus on care coordination expand throughout the world of primary care, so do the “coordinator” analogies. For example if you like sports, you might view the primary care physician as the quarterback of the team or the coxswain of the racing boat. If your interests run to music the PCP is the conductor of the orchestra. For cinema buffs, he or she is the director of the film.

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